Welcome to 2017!  I'm happy to leave 2016 behind and look forward, always forward, to 2017.  The touring was incredible and I was able to get some composing and recording done. 

So THANK YOU to the moon and back, to everyone who came out to a show, bought a CD, rocked a Celtic Indian T-Shirt, and pitched in to help us load in, load out or run the merch table. You made this last year amazing for us. 

Cant wait to share with you what we've got planned next! 

For more information, contact the Wikipedia of Arvel Bird, Kimberly Kelley (615) 406-3689 or kkelley@arvelbird.com,

bloggin' on the road with Arvel

To Fly or "Dragon"Fly

It’s no coincidence that many of my animal totem blogs are also animals for which I composed or co-wrote on my Animal Totems CDs. Most of those creatures have played roles in my life at one time or another with profound messages.     Dragonfly was a constant companion for me while I lived in the Southeast.  Its message to me that my efforts are maturing and my spiritual path is clearly ahead certainly seems true for me right now and maybe for you, too?     That Dragonfly represents transformation seems… Read more


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International Airstream Rally

Pinal County Fairgrounds, Casa Grande, AZ

A Celtic Indian concert for fellow RV-ers!