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I'm Arvel Bird and originally from the Southwest. Since early 2000 I've been touring the world, performing music inspired by my dual heritage. I hope you enjoy the confluence of styles in my music.

I've been playing violin since I was 9 years old.  Later, as an adult, I taught myself guitar, keyboard, mandolin, Native American flutes and Celtic whistles.   As a songwriter and performer, my music reflects my love of diversity - bluegrass, blues, celtic, classical, contemporary Native American, folk, new age, and rock - and it has taken me around the world to music festivals, theaters, concert halls, performing art centers, symphonies, chamber orchestras and more.  

Some of my favorite memories of my early touring years include nearly 6 years with Glen Campbell, and five more with Loretta Lynn, Louise Mandrell and a few others. Between my own tours and those with these country legends, I've performed at the Smithsonian Museums in D.C. and N.Y., the White House, Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa, FL, Hochstein Performance Hall in Rochester, NY, the London Paladium Theatre, the Toronto SkyDome, and many, many more incredible venues.
Since 2002, I have released 25 CDs, two EPs and two DVDs, winning numerous music awards for 5 of my releases in the United States and Canada including Best Instrumental, Artist of the Year, Best Engineer, Best Producer and more.  My two most recent releases are Celtic Indian and Animal Totems 3
As I travel around the world playing music and facilitating Animal Totem Workshops, I share my stories as an inspirational speaker at churches, spiritual centers and community gatherings, drawing on not only my own extensive healing journey, but also my studies and personal experiences with Animal Totems.

I look forward to seeing you somewhere along my journey.

For more information, contact the Wikipedia of Arvel Bird, Kimberly Kelley (615) 406-3689 or kkelley@arvelbird.com,

bloggin' on the road with Arvel

To Fly or "Dragon"Fly

It’s no coincidence that many of my animal totem blogs are also animals for which I composed or co-wrote on my Animal Totems CDs. Most of those creatures have played roles in my life at one time or another with profound messages.     Dragonfly was a constant companion for me while I lived in the Southeast.  Its message to me that my efforts are maturing and my spiritual path is clearly ahead certainly seems true for me right now and maybe for you, too?     That Dragonfly represents transformation seems… Read more


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Animal Totems Wisdom Workshop

Goodrich's Maple Farm, Cabot, VT

If you're interested in the wisdom our indigenous ancestors enjoyed and relied on provided by animals and nature, this is the workshop for you. Wear comfy clothing and bring an open mind. $25 includes your registration, animal totems workbook, and Storyteller CD. Contact Ruth for details and location. (802) 426-3388


Celtic Indian Concert

Old Parish Church, Main Street, Weston, VT

Arvel is performing for the Hearts and Voice Concert Series at the Old Parish Church. Arvel's wonderful concert is the ideal way to end your weekend!